Class Description

Power Yoga @
Evolve Wellness Centre

Each class offers:

☐ A clear explanation of some fundamental yoga techniques

☐ Guidance for a correct body alignment and breathing throughout the session

☐ A topic to inspire self-enquiry on and off the mat 


This is a unique dynamic class to help you see tangible progress week after week: higher energy levels, less stress + a stronger and more agile body. 


The class is small by design (8 people max), so it's a great opportunity to join a welcoming and friendly environment.

All classes must be paid in advance at the time of booking online.

12-hr cancellation policy 

Classes cancelled up to 12 hrs before the start of the class will be refunded in full.  Classes cancelled less than 12 hrs before the start of the class and no shows will be charged in full.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation Workshop

A special workshop to celebrate World Meditation Day and learn more about Mindfulness Meditation.

We will start with some very gentle yoga movements and relaxation before diving into what mindfulness meditation is, including tips on how to sit, how to breathe and how to develop a daily practice.

We will explore a few different techniques, including: mindful breathing in the belly, mindfulness of feeling tone, and candlelit meditation. 

No prior meditation experience required. 

Coming soon

The workshop must be booked online in advance.

24-hr cancellation policy 

Workshop cancelled up to 24 hrs before the start of the class will be refunded in full.  If cancelled less than 24 hrs before the start and no shows will be charged in full.

 Flow @ The House of Yoga

Community Flow at The House of Yoga in Putney is open to everybody (members and non-members alike).


Classes are donation based with all proceeds going to the Outreach Project, a charity with the aim of providing Yoga to those who struggle with accessibility in schools, hospitals, community centres, centres for youths at risk, and prisons. 


The ethos of The House of Yoga strongly emphasizes the importance of building a sense
of community, using Yoga as a tool to bring people together.


Please come and support! 


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